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Testing New Server 1/31/2016 Here you are, you have found our little place on the web. Please explore and leave us a bit of feedback to let us know what you think. As you walk your way through our site, you will find helpful navigation in the form of "Home" and "Up" links, which will take you back the main Home page (Home) and back to the last main page, in the case of Up. Should you find any broken links on the site, or if you wish to leave a direct message, please feel free send us an email.

The Australia page contains information about one of our favorite places in the world. Wander to the Dogs page to learn about Scooter, our Mini-Schnauzer Agility champion, and to see tons of images of Agility Trial's and Schnauzer's, of all sizes. Hop over to the Photo Galleries to see images from Events we have attended, Trips we have taken and images of Nature.  New galleries are constantly being added, so come back often.

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